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• Price of Portable Toilets
• The cost is usually related to
the quantity of porta potties
needed and the length of time
they will be rented for.
Regardless, portable toilets are
very affordable especially when
you consider that portables can
cost upwards of $800.00 to
purchase new. A portable
restroom service vehicle-new can
be upwards of $80,000 not to
mention the labor for servicing.
• Generally the cost goes up
starting at a standard portable
restroom then to a wheelchair
accessible or ADA unit, solar
powered and then upward to
include luxury trailers. You can
expect to pay more depending on
the amenities of the toilet.
Overall portable toilet rentals are
a bargain compared to many
other types of rental equipment.
National Portable Toilet Rental Directory




Portable Toilet and Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental

The portable toilet rental business has become a recognized vital component in
maintaining health standards on construction sites as well as special events.
Anywhere people gather and when permanent restrooms are not available or
sufficient the simple answer rest in renting portable toilets. Pricing is very affordable
and "portable" defines the ease in moving portable toilets in and out of locations
such as a construction site, backyard wedding, street fair or an array of assorted

During the past decade luxury restroom trailers have grown in popularity and have
become a popular method of dealing with portable sanitation on certain special
events. The cost for renting these special trailers is considerably more than a
standard portable toilet which has not seemed to slow down orders for these trailers.
In general, luxury restroom trailers are by definition elegant in comparison to
standard portable toilets. Within this elegance rest many options such as stereos,
air-conditioning, marble floors and hot and cold running water.

Although there may seem to be a vast difference between portable toilet rentals and
special event luxury restroom trailers, it is typical for providers found within these
pages to accommodate both markets. When you rent a portable toilet be it for
construction or special event consider your provider as being a service business. As a
service business they are responsible to not just provide a fancy toilet but to help you
determine quality and quantity of portable toilets needed. Sometimes when a luxury
restroom trailer is being rented out the provider will suggest having an attendant
available to assure that everything is working well and that the environment remains
clean. Either way, take advantage of the experience of the professional portable
restroom rental contractors found through
• Portable Toilet Rentals
• If you are interested in renting
portable toilets for your
construction project, remodel or
even for a special event, you
have found the most
comprehensive list of portable
toilet rental contractors.

• is an easy to  
use site that helps you find
portable toilet rental companies.
You will find portable toilet
rental companies able to meet   
the demands of even the
toughest of waste management
scenarios. Contractors throughout
the area can rely on the fact that
portable toilet service providers
listed within our pages are well
equipped to rent portable toilets
in the quantity and service level
expected. We know how important
service is for contractors doing
work in the area and realize that
finding a good quality portable
toilet rental service company is
just one component in your
overall project. If you are new to, you have just
found the directory for portable
toilet rentals that you will want to
bookmark and return to when
your project calls for portable
toilet and or other sanitation

• Building?
What do I need to know?
Construction Recommendations

• Emergency Response
• Unfortunately conditions beyond
anyone's control require the need
for an abundance of portable
toilets and service. Portable
sanitation becomes a top priority
when people are left devastated
by events such as hurricanes,
earthquakes and even fire. The
need for portable toilets often
leave governmental agencies
scrambling to find portable
restroom rental companies
capable of meeting this type of
demand. In the disaster response
area of are
listings that include portable toilet
rental companies experienced in
emergency response working with
federal agencies such as FEMA
and Army Corp of Engineers.
Their credentials are listed
including state agencies they
have previously done business
with. From hurricanes, flooding,
fire and earthquakes you can be
assured that the issue of portable
sanitation is properly addressed.

Emergency Response
• Portable Restroom rentals for
events .
• You will notice that there are
no shortages of special events
from weddings requiring VIP
restrooms to large events
requiring the rental of several
fancy portable restroom trailers, is the ideal
location for you to find portable
restroom rentals that meet your
waste management needs. We
know that you are not interested
in renting outhouses, privies or
porta potties. You want clean
sanitary portable restrooms
that will enhance your event.
• When it comes to quality, along with
the portable toilet rental
companies listed in our directory
site create a united approach to
portable restroom rentals.
United-site services are our
number one focus!
• If you have never planned an
event it might be confusing to
calculate how many portable
restrooms need to be rented to
accommodate an anticipated
crowd. Often complicating the
issue is the addition of specialty
restroom trailers, wheel chair
accessible units and hand wash
facilities. It is in the rental of all
these portable sanitation items
that an event can be assured
that their waste management
needs are in order.
• As a first step in planning your
waste management program
you can gain a better
understanding of your needs
by utilizing this handy chart:
Special Event Chart
• Professional Site Services
• There is much to consider
when planning for the sanitation
needs of large groups. It is
advisable to use the chart as a
place to begin. When possible
speak directly with a portable
sanitation professional who can
help you determine the quantity
of portable toilets, wheelchair
accessible units, hand wash
facilities and specialty restroom
trailers you will need in order to
enhance the overall outcome of
your special event.

• Specialty Portable Restroom  
• It is amazing but luxury
restroom trailers have grown in
popularity. These luxury
restrooms provide an excellent
method of handling the waste
management needs of groups
who prefer top of the line
accommodations. You can find
portable restroom trailers with
air-conditioning, heat, stereo,
private stalls and even marble
counter tops. If you are
interested in state of the art
portable restrooms hopefully
you can find them right here. If
not we have compiled a national
list of specialty portable
restroom and shower trailer
rental companies that can
accommodate your needs. In
this directory we have united all
the providers of portable
restroom and shower trailer
companies in the United States
onto one page and have them
broke down to the areas they
are willing to service. We are
confident you will find one or
more willing to go where you
need them.
Specialty Restroom and
Shower Trailer